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  Had the time of my life at the delhi jazz festival !! Hope it returns soon ! :] Cheers !
  I remember how when I was a die-hard rocker a few years ago I always complained how the good bands never came to India. And back in college shelling out even a couple of hundreds for a concert seemed to be quite something. It was all very different this time. As I mentioned just now on Jump4Joy’s guestbook, I would have definitely thought I was the happiest person in the audience, but then I turned around and every single soul in the crowd was beaming with energy, laughter and amazement. These guys emanated magic. I remember the last time I was so touched by a musical performance was Pierre Favre’s endless drum solo, right here in Delhi. And I would like to thank you guys for making this happen. There was some enchanting music in a beautiful setting, and I hope we have more and more and more of these gigs! Cheers! Arushi
  what an amazing performance by all the bands!!!!. Hope to see more such performances!!!!
  Awesome event. Waiting for the next years fest
  Awesome event..................the performance of jump4joy was ultimate, beyond any comparison
  See you folks
  I love Jazz and between m u see the event :)
  i'm certainly there on saturday.....jazz all the way
  Great show last night! Thanks for putting together such a beautiful experience for us..
  I wud luv to be there...
  I am there on Sunday!!
  Finally a festival for jazz that doesnt do the elitist round... and plays jazz the way it was always meant to be Soulfood! U bet im there
  Bilkul aayenge janab :)
  Can't wait! :)
  Looking forward to it.........
  Swear by the soul of Miles, I will be there..
  Awesomeness! Looking forward to it!
  Cant wait to be there.Thanks Seher
  Have been waiting for quite some time for an opportunity like this.. Thanks guyz! will surely be there..
  i'll b there 4 sure^^
  Surely vl try not to miss it....whenevr it vl happn
  Aint gonna miss this oportunity....Thanks a lot for this concert! ready to rock wid Jazz
  Hey..i will be there with my 7d....letz have some good time!
  i m coming for sure
  Hey Priyanka, Entry is free!!!!!, you dont need any tickets ....
  ts a great news that JAZZ FESTIVAL is back. would be grateful if u people arrange 2 tickets for me coz i really want to attend it.
  Amazing!! cant wait for this!! this should keep happening.
  Great to see about an rocking event, going to take place in city of great people, delhi.. wud b ther for sure and hope to interact n make new friend's too.
  I m ready to rock wid Jazz Fest Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............
  Amazing!! cant wait to be there
  wud be der fr sure..!!!
  Delighted!!!!!Looking forward to attend with family. Thanks Seher for the invite.
  I aint gonna miss this oportunity....
  Cant wait to be there.Thanks Seher
  very nice :)
  Can't wait to be there...Thanks a lot for this concert!!!
  will attend with my wife.
  lovely!! thank you!! :)
  Today is sunday, looking fwd to go there.
  I would not miss a Jazz concert.
  Can't wait!
  Amazing...been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time...great job...all the best.
  My best wishes. this show (delhi jazz) will be great!
  Jazz Festival in Delhi !!! Wow!!
  What a great line up.....
  Free Entry... What a delite.. thanks seher for a wonderful concept
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  Hi Sanjeev, we were there for the jazz fest, well organised event, your organisation Seher is doing a great job. see you
  What a fantastic weekend!! And what a resounding success! Thank you very much for doing this sir and hoping for this to continue! :)
  "What a great event,Sanjeev. Wonderful music in a beautiful setting- and a really enthusiastic audience. I loved the final set with the Scots & the Indians together. You must be thrilled!"