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  Have been regular to Seher's various programmes till recently before shifting from Delhi to Gurgaon. Thanks to webcast of the total programme, I was able to listen to all the artistes of three days of Bhakti Utsav 2011. Thanks Sanjeev Bhargava ji for giving such nice programmes constently. Regards and best wishes.
  Vishal Lal - Gurgaon, India
  Apart from other performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening, last performances by Sher Miadad from Parkistan was spell bound - matchless. He really made people dance and clap. If I am not mistaken, his own collegues sitting on platform were not clapping as much as audience was clapping. Unforgetabble moments in my life. Looking forward to have such celebrations again.
  B S Mongia - New Delhi, India
  I saw your recently concluded Bhakti Utsav. It was mind blowing. Everything was so professionally and emotionally arranged that words are handicap to express the feelings. The variety of music, rare folk singers from Rajasthan, great classical singer like Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishr and your efforts to bring Pakistani singer here, everything is really commendable. You people are really very good human beings. You provide other people opportunity to realize the presence of God. No other work is as pious as yours. May God give you more and more success.
  Brijesh Kumar - Greater Noida (UP), India
  This is real India. The real Indian music. Not what we hear today in so-called Bollywood. This festival should be made bi-annual and promoted even well so that more people get to know of it.
  Nitin - Delhi, India
  I have always used to go Nehru Park for various ocassion. But bhakti utsav is one the best.
  Satish kumar - New Delhi, India
  i'm looking forward to this occasions..
  Nikita - New Delhi, India
  I never miss festival every year. We also have a nice collection of bhakti festival CDs. It is a real divine experience we get every time. Through this festival, i was able to know about various wonderful forms around the country. My interest on Sufi music is literally boosted by these sort of events. Thanks to Seher.
  Penneswaran Krishna Rao - New Delhi, India
  I bring my old parents and young children every year to hear best devotional music in beautiful surraoundings. We keep all evening s free for this Bhakti Festival
  Prem Narain - Delhi, India
  Really looking forward to being able to attend all three days of bhakti utsav. Very excited after checking out the assortment of artists and forms
  Shivangini - New Delhi, India
Feedback from special guests

Religion does not often feature on this blog, not with peaceful stories anyway, so it is probably appropriate to be writing about my Easter Sunday …… It ended with two hours of magical Sufi singing in a Delhi park by a Qawwali group from Pakistan that defied fundamentalist Islam and bound together the peoples of the two neighboring countries who have more in common than their quarrelsome leaders let on.

…the strands of my day came together when, in an audience of some 4,000 people, I listened to Bhakti (devotional) music at an open-air concert organised by Seher, a Delhi-based cultural organisation.

The high spot was two hours of Qawwali – a popular form of Muslim music that goes back nearly seven centuries – performed by three famous brothers (Sher Miandad, Faiz Fareed Ali Raza and Fakhar-uz-Zaman) from the Pakistani province of Punjab. Sung in a chanting and often raucous style, Qawwali is immensely popular in India and Pakistan. It reflects the Sufi mystical side of Islam and binds the two countries together, though it is shunned by the fundamentalists who are gaining ground in Pakistan.
The songs told how the human soul is greater than the hypocritical lessons of many religious preachers – “When you fly on from this world, no-one will ask your religion or community”. The archbishop and Sai Baba would agree.

  John Elliot, The Independent
  Sanjeev . . add to that my 15 year old daughter, Myra who has never had the patience to listen to any classical music and you will be correct in saying that you have started a 'quiet' revolution with the Bhakti Utsav.--
  Dinesh Khanna
  And Mahi, my 11 year old daughter, who loves music, but only had disdain for my kind of music, went for the first day of the Jazz Festival out of curiosity but enjoyed it so much that she insisted on going the next day out of choice !!
so your Festivals are definitely touching and changing lives .
  Dinesh Khanna