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Jayantika : A celebration through music is a unique festival for the people of Jaipur bringing together artists of different genres of music on one stage for the first time on 13th December 2014 at the Albert Hall, Ram Niwas Bagh .

Jayantika, the festival of music celebrates the spirit of inclusiveness of the people through culture brings to the people of Jaipur a musical treat that has never been perhaps experienced before. It showcases diversity in music at its best, the festival brings together the best of artists from different parts of India to the doorstep of the people of Jaipur. Music ranging from Classical to the folk to contemporary traditions from all over the country on one platform perhaps for the first time in Jaipur and all this open for everyone to enjoy and cherish. With the backdrop of the majestic Albert Hall, this festival is a true representation of classical and contemporary traditions and the relevance of both in present times.

A musical extravaganza of the magnitude that Jaipur has never witnessed before is about to unfold at the Albert Hall. Stalwarts in different genres like Sufi, Classical, Folk, Devotional and Contemporary come together for the first time ever for Jayantika, an event that is expected to be no less than a treat for any music lover. Presented by SEHER, one of India’s prominent cultural organizations that promote the performing and the visual arts in India and abroad, the sheer scale of the event is expected to give a boost to Jaipur’s cultural scene, making it one of the premier destinations for music aficionados.