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  simply the fest is awesme all the band specially robin n the revlution
  What a fantastic collection of people who have come together to give some amazing experience to the delhiites... loved every moment of it
  The band Robin N Revolution from Nepal are simply superb , the junkyard groove were rockin and salim merchant and band was awsome
  KINGDOM HUM from Bhutan... had a sound I'd never heard before. Soooo good. They should tour India more often.
  All band from other country Rock awesome!!!! Friday to Sunday rocking Night and great experience in my life
  song "Dum maro Dum", a tribute to DEV ANAND by Robin n The New Revolution from Nepal was the best part of the concert......
  Loved it. Awesome experience... Eagerly waiting for the next year's show.
  Tonight i witnessed d event,it was beyond the expectations loved d performances,hats off to the organisers
  Awesome thing u guys are doing by organising such stuff.....
  The band from Bhutan, Kingdom Hum was simply awesome!!!
  Looking fwd it...have my xams nxt day :P
  Ya ....................its rock delhi
  Lets..ROcKj raIN..!!)
  The band Robin N Revolution from Nepal are simply superb!!
  I was there on 1st day nd it's awesome ??? "Petri Dish Project-Mumbai" are really-really Rock,i like their Band... and "Zeb & Haniya" are also good.
  Looking forward to a great musical journeyspanning 3 days.... :)
  let the bodies hit the floor \m/
  Eagerly waiting to be a part of the great show.Is Time ticking slow today?
  waiting for ROBIN AND THE NEW REVOLUTION!!!!! ready to ROCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  bands from south asia are damn good..along with pakistan's (zeb and haniya)...coming through..
  Every year, for the last 2 years, this is THE best gig in delhi!
  Waiting to see zeb n haniya & Advaita too.. salim n suleiman will be a cherry on the cake..
  tI saw you today and I want to listen to you tomorrow
  the weather jus perfect...the bands jus Amaziing!!.... wat a moment it will be!
  i m cming...
  Looking forward for some amazing music. good to see some great bands and artists...junkyard groove,bohemian..
  Will b there 4 sure.........
  Eager to listen to zeb and haniya
  i am in
  Amazing lineup
  i also want to join this yoooooooooo yuuuuuuppppppppiiiiiiiiii..........
  Hav to go to ofc dis weeknd!!! but wil manage to cum....excited!
  Was so looking forward to this, but wanted Avial to be there as well. But still very impressive list. SUPER EXCITED
  will see ya there ..
  I am witnessing this festival since last three years,Its incredible,Hats off to the organisers
  I'd certainly be a part of it this time. Looking forward to the overwhelming experience. Let the music begin.
  tum ko dekha to ye khayal aya, zindagi dhoop,tum ghana saya..for ZEB .looking forward to attend the festival..
  kaam kr kr k ho gaye hai bor ab to bas krna hai city me shor "we are coming" pakde music ki dor :)
  Its gonna be a awesome threesome weekend!!! Looking forward to it...
  i m coming
  Cant Wait!!!!!!!
  I will come for sure cant wait!
  waiting eagerly to attend.:)
  waiting excitingly for the upcoming days.......!! finally MOTHERJANE...I will get you..THANK GOD !!
  I cant wait.....
  Perfect.....cant wait....
  Indigo children!!!! Finally! And motherjane! WOW
  :A great initiative to expand the horizon of music.Enjoy,Groove and jive to the tunes of Bohemian from Bangladesh. 3 cheers for Bohemian
  looking forward to a gr8 time...
  :) waiting for the weekend now
  Looking forward for a gr8 nite with some amazing music. The weather here in delhi would jst make it all the more chilling :)
  I have my exams but i cant think of missing Zeb and Haniya's concert!!
  Entry is free... Great!!!
  I am super excited even though I have my exam next day!!
  was gud...and i have to attand "this south asian bands festival" plzzz tell me the entry
  Looking forward to experience the horizon. A place where bands from all across the sub-continent, with diversified genres finally meet....
  Excellent initiative.
  I hope bands like "Boomarang" will get noticed to further expand their kickass music horizon to other beautiful south east asian countries like Taiwan and Japan. Rock Bless!!!!!!!!!
  would love to attend the fest...
  O oooo !!!My exams r there so I'm nt able to groove in the tunes of these South asian bands.btw enjoy guys.
  Had been coming to this festival since 2007,,,and it had been great fun,,,i luv the bands performing under a chill night here,,,n the rock bands make them interesting tooo....good to see Salim Sulaiman performing this year....m waiting
  i am working with an entertainment company and we organize events n concerts for artists. so i am looking forward for this event it will be a boost.
  Good to see an amazing line up!
  Saarc band fest- time to gt mad...
  Wow.. Entry Free... Thank you very much
  looking forward for SAARC band festival 2011. good to see some great bands and zeb and haniya.