Nasya (New Delhi): Nasya is a fusion rock band based in Delhi. Playing a blend of Sufi, Haryanvi and Punjabi Folk and rock influences, they are not your typical fusion band. Their sound is distinctly characteristic, finely balancing traditional Hindustani vocals with western elements of jazz, blues and rock music.  
  SOULS :It was a post war phenomena in the beginning of 70’s era, after the independence of Bangladesh , a group of boys inspired by western ROCK music decided to form a Band naming it Shurella meaning “in tune” . Shurella was founded in the year 1972. A year later the band was renamed “SOULS” marking the birth year of the legendary Band “1973”

We have today turned the fold of yet another decade and have stepped into 5th decade of SOULS journey. Our voyage in time has taught us to respect the changing seasons, we change gears to blend with the ever changing pace but never give up the signature of melody we have achieved…………… we are the SOULS... “We are travelers of time seeking melody to quench our thirst”

  Thriloka is a five-member fusion band which has been entertaining local audience since 2006, delivering an innovative blend of traditional Sri Lankan folk music, Indian raga, jazz and rock.
  Tough on Tobacco (Mumbai) is singer-songwriter Sidd Coutto’s talent packed, genre bending, convention defying, wildly funny, brand new live act. The music is a mélange of pop, rock and reggae. Sidd has written and produced 5 albums besides performing hundreds of gigs with erstwhile bands Zero and Helga’s Fun Castle, composed and produced background scores and songs for bollywood films and television and does a little acting on the side as well. But this endeavor is what he is truly all about, putting his heart and spirit into extremely captivating melodies and lyrics. The band includes Helga’s Fun Castle’s Johan Pais on bass and Jai Row Kavi on drums, Zero’s last guitar line-up of Pozy Dhar and Gaurav Gupta, and is fronted by Sidd Coutto on vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, drums and computers.

In 2009, the band featured at the second season of the musical television show Coke Studio, also performing in the next season the following year. The band then started working on the release of their third studio album. However, in 2011, John L. Pinto and Muhammad Ali Jafri rejoin and Noori reunited to its original four-man line up; as it was at the launch of their debut album.


The band is known for their energetic and stylish live performances. Their lyrical themes and inspiration involve California dreams, love, communal hate, regional terrorism, real politik, fatty food, sex, hallucination, wild life, animals, global warming, aliens etc and to see a clearer sky is Digital Suicide’s concern.


The band believes that their music genre can’t be classified; however critics have classified the band’s music as Indie, along with a host of other genres such as Alternative, Funk, and Blues-Rock. In the music of The Galeej Gurus, one can see such diverse influences as Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Deep Purple.