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Special Comments from previous festivals

Thanks for today evening, it was wonderful, amazing, beyond words.. It was really ananya today...

  Monisa Nayak
Kathak Dancer

It was a beautiful evening – as Seher events always are! Best, Michael

  Micheal Pelletier
Public Affairs Counselor of the US Embassy in India

Supercool. Pls do make a commemorative volume of 10 years of Ananya? These things need to be documented in the life of a city, in the life of a nation, archived and also sent out across. A meaty document, with pix and programmes from each year. And a comment from your feedback forms at the bottom of each page, ideally also tracking one or two regular attendees by colour code across the book, to show the growing relationship between the dance, the place, the people? That might be fascinating! Perhaps best not to have essays, but what about clinical, short, snappy comments by the dancers in a timeline? Strictly edited by Seher team, so it doesn't go OTT gushy-mushy:) Art is one thing, but I commend you sky-high for being an organizer who cares about clean loos, tubes of mosquito repellent, neat food stalls, dustbins and so many tidy, pleasant things about your programmes. God is truly in the details.

  Renuka Narayanan
Director, Indian Cultural Center, Bangkok


Feedback & Comments from previous festivals

i love your performance.yesterday who performed priya she was my sisters mam.your every performance was great and i think that vidya viswanathan is right that you have to make DVDs of each performance.i am interestet in your all performance and now i am 8 years OLD.Every performance is so diffrent that today the mix dance was VEARY VEARY VEARY GGOODD i loved it

  Varsha Kini
Gurgaon , India

I have been a regular visitor to Ananya at Purana Qila since 2005. Frankly I would request Seher to organize this festival twice a year in the beginning of the cultural festival begins in October and once again in March at the fag end of the season. At least more dancers would get a suitable platform such as this. No other festival is as good as this . Truly Outstanding and truly Unpralleled.

  Suraj Prakash
Noida, India

I love your festival. My six-year-old sits glued in. It would be great if you could make DVDs of each years performance because it would be invaluable for children to be able to see it over and over again at leisure. We see videos of ballet performances at theatres across the world and she loves it. This would be spectacular since each day is so different!

  Vidya Viswanathan
New Delhi, India