Ananya outreach programme for the students
The Ananya Dance Festival has, over the last decade, become one of Delhi's most awaited dance events. Started in 2002 with a focus on bringing group choreographies in classical dance to the Delhi audience, Ananya also brought dance into a public space, the Purana Qila, thus welcoming all citizens of Delhi to appreciate classical dance.

In its eleventh year, Ananya is undertaking a new initiative to reach out to an important section of the city's population--school students. This year, we invite students from different schools in Delhi to participate in an interactive session with artists from the Ananya Dance Festival at the festival venue. Moving away from the familiar format of performances or lecture demonstrations, students will get to see the other side of the performance through interacting with artists about the creative process, getting a backstage tour of the festival venue and trying out a few dance moves of their own! The workshop also aims to extend Ananya's endeavor of introducing people to the possibilities of making a connection with traditional arts and architecture in their own lives and the potential of continuing to experiment with these in the contemporary era.

The objective of this workshop is twofold:

1. To foster a vision of taking Indian culture to the students. Through this informal interaction we would encourage these students to interact with these dancers.

2. To also present Creative Industry –music, dance, theater, art and related professions to be encouraged amongst the younger generation as viable alternative career options. Mostly people think only Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Business are preferred options for children as they grow up. Becoming a musician, Sound Expert/ Engineers, Event Management professionals are viable options. This mindset could change if the students meet the right people in the Industry.

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