A fantastic 11-track effort, Passenger Revelator features some stunning collaborations and instrumentation, including a collaboration with Baul singer Malabika Brahma on the track 107. Looking beyond the ordinary, Donn Bhat has also incorporated the use of unconventional instruments in the album, such as the xylophone on Disco Disco and Say It Again, as well as the trumpet on Say It Again. Passenger Revelator contains five unreleased tracks, aside from those that have gained much popularity over the past year, including the heavy, rock-influenced Samson Delilah and the bass-heavy Was An Animal. Among the unreleased are Disco Disco, which, as the name suggests, has something of a throwback disco vibe with a whole lot of funk, Belong, which is futuristic with electro-rock influences and Say It Again, which, with the xylophone and trumpet is calming, mellow, but a little nostalgic as well.