Kabul, a singing sensation, is known for his rich resonant voice, blended with individuality. He is a professionally qualified airbus pilot, who chose to fly but on a musical note. Being a versatile singer he delivers a strong endearing aura of charm that embellishes his melodious voice.
Having been trained as a classical singer he has a euphonious voice, in combination with his inherent charm, makes him stand out as a performer .His songs epitomize the unique amalgamation of rock & classical music. Besides carrying the fame for many solo shows, he has also been fortunate to share the stage with Maestros like Shankar Mahadevan , Raghu Dixit, Wadali Brothers, Shibani Kashyap, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Parikrama and others.
Kabul took the audience by storm at the most revered Music Festivals of the world like Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2014 Mumbai, Storm Festival 2014 Bangalore, JT PAC Kochi, Amarrass Desert Festival , Jaipur Literature festival, World Sufi Festival, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. His performances at NDTV Food Awards, Kohinoor Golf Tournament, Srinagar, Golf Tournament, at Qutub, New Delhi also added on to his remarkable acts of entertainment. Kabul has also recorded an Audio/Video for UNICEF Anthem, to be released this year. His performances have always been received with excellent warmth & Kabul had all age groups dancing to his tunes.
Kabul’s versatile voice easily transcends from Hindustani Classical to Soulful Sufi, Raw Earthiness of Folk to the foot tapping popular chartbusters. He puts his soul in each song and sings each composition with complete perseverance. In a very short span of time, Kabul has carved a niche for himself in the Music Circuit with his scintillating & soulful music.


Chirkutt Biography:

One of the few names in the Bangladeshi music scene to gloriously explode beyond the nation's borders and reach distant shores across the world's oceans, Chirkutt is not a new band by any means, having been around since 2002. Over the last three years, they properly carved out a name for themselves among the hearts of music lovers of Bangladesh with their energetic live performances and powerful lyrics. And sure enough, Chirkutt's eclectic compositions defy genre or classification, and they have eventually come to be described as an 'Epic Fusion' band, one that has brought radical changes to the modern music industry of Bangladesh.
Chirkutt's fame has transcended the borders of Bangladesh and reached foreign shores, thanks to their performances at various reputed international music festivals, such as the India Music Week-2012 (where 50 bands/Artists of 17 countries participated) and the Jaffna Music Festival-2013, Sri Lanka (with more than twenty international artists from Norway, Brazil, Palestine, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh), where they have represented new dimensions of Bangladeshi band music to critical acclaim. And later during the end of 2013, Chirkutt embarked on a grand tour of Norway with Norwegian rockers Casa Murilo. Both the bands toured through 6 cities - Oslo, Bergen, Molde, Trondheim, Bodo, Salvaer. Besides shows the band was interviewed by national radios, newspapers and also collaborated on a song with Casa Murilo called "Trams & Empty Streets" that’s music vdo was released from Oslo. Sony music shared that MVO worldwide as “hot” song of that time. The whole tour was managed by Rikskonsertene, Norway..

Chirkutt are comprised of PavelAreen (Drums, Percussion, Sound producer), EmonChowdhury( Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele) Sharmin Sultana Sumi (vocals, lyrics,tune), PintuGhosh (vocals, violin, flute), Didar (bass) and Tamal (Rhythm guitar) .). Their tracks are recorded, mixed and mastered at Butter Records and Studio Chirkutt, their own studios.

To date, Chirkutt has released two albums, 'Chirkuttnama' and 'Jadu'rShohor'. Chirkutt's second album "Jadu'rShohor" ("The City of magic"), a fresh collection of eclectic melodies, has already stolen the hearts of thousands of music lovers mere weeks after its release, and the title song “Jadu'rShohor” has become a bonafide hit. Their debut album "Chirkuttnama" was released in October 2010. Chirkutt's songs have received a great deal of airplay, and they have also performed on televised drama and film soundtracks. Their infectiously catchy tracks, such as “Khazna”, "Jadu'rShohor", "Kanamachhi", "Bondhu", "Katakuti" “Ami Janina” are viewed by the band as personal milestones representing their ever-rising popularity. The music videos for "Khazna" & "Katakuti" were aired on MTV India. At present Chirkutt is busy with concerts all over the country along with a host of background scores being composed for upcoming movies. Chirkutt is the first band from Bangladesh to compose background scores and music from renowned movies. They were also the winners of the RTV Best Band Award 2012.

They were inspired to take up music by their family and friends, and they attribute all their success to them and their loving fans."


Mrigya is one of India’s most premier and prodigious World-Fusion bands, hailing from
New Delhi. Formed in 1999, the band has blossomed into a fascinating contemporary world music band venturing to stretch the boundaries of Indian classical music becoming the harbinger of a unique fusion band offering a rich blend of Blues, Funk, Folk, Latin, Indian Classical and Jazz.
The band has toured extensively around the globe winning accolades and representing India at various international festivals. Mrigya shows range from international performances around the world for elite audiences, and the most exclusive shows ever performed. Their music shares and introduces an audience to the new, modern, contemporary sound fused with classical Indian music. The music of Mrigya carries the legacy of thousands of years, of not only music, but also the heritage of Indian culture.
Mrigya aims to evolve, share the cultural nuances, and promote the Indian ethos through its music in a global way – drawing attention and inviting one to explore the Indian heritage. Inspire, get inspired, educate and most importantly, continue to pass on, the legacy of Indian and western fusion for further generations.


The Forsaken

Judas Priest
Alice Cooper
Iron Maiden
Marilyn Manson
Lamb Of God
And many more...



Brief introduction
TH&TR is a band propelled by the true meaning of “freedom of speech” and fighting for your rights. We believe in the expansion of the mind, body and soul through the medium of music. Inspired by everything that is the universe, TH&TR puts all this into the perception in creating their music and more prominently blends it around a Sri Lankan Flavor.

Current Line-up:
Dinuk Periy - Vocals, Alternate instruments, lyricist
Naushan Abbas- Drums, Percussions
Rizan Abbas-Lead, Rhythm
Arosha Hettiarachchi-Bass
Band Interests
We like to introduce your mind to the limitless and link your soul to the universe



The album “Guzarish-e-Aqaliat” [Minority Report] contains three semi-romantic and three socio-political songs. The focus of “Morcha” is to deal with issues of divisions, contradictions and religious worldviews of the traditional Afghan society. In these songs, the Afghan world is presented with all its beauties and ugliness and the path that the idea of militarism has put in front of the country.
In the last 4 years, “Morcha” had too many performances in Kabul and other district of Afghanistan. More than the other bands. And they became more popular.
Now they are working on their second album.




Started as the Sifainge Music Group 20 years ago, the band changed its name to SMG The KOPS and later as The Kops Band. Since 2013, the band has been rebranded to Kinetic Operaations, K-OPS Band. The band has been performing for generations representing as the official band of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). The Kops Band regularly performs for all official delegates and at official functions of the Government upon request. The band is also in to forefront of all public and Charity Shows.

In addition to these official performances the Kops Band have performed with major leading artists of this nation on their events including Fasy Live, Easa, Unoosha, Zara, Kayano, Mishy Athif, Ammadey, Ritte to name a few.

Kops Band has also performed in Mr. MNDF Show in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In One Nation Raajje Tour, the band has performed in Fuahmulak, Male’ City, H Dh. Hanimaadhoo. The band also performs in official events of MNDF and in Banquets during visits of Head of Foreign Countries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. For the last four years, the band performed in the reception to celebrate the Fourth of July, Independence Day of USA. They also perform in Chinese New Year Celebrations in Maldives. In addition, they performed in many official dinners of High-ranked Army Officers of many Asian countries.



A fantastic 11-track effort, Passenger Revelator features some stunning collaborations and instrumentation, including a collaboration with Baul singer Malabika Brahma on the track 107. Looking beyond the ordinary, Donn Bhat has also incorporated the use of unconventional instruments in the album, such as the xylophone on Disco Disco and Say It Again, as well as the trumpet on Say It Again. Passenger Revelator contains five unreleased tracks, aside from those that have gained much popularity over the past year, including the heavy, rock-influenced Samson Delilah and the bass-heavy Was An Animal. Among the unreleased are Disco Disco, which, as the name suggests, has something of a throwback disco vibe with a whole lot of funk, Belong, which is futuristic with electro-rock influences and Say It Again, which, with the xylophone and trumpet is calming, mellow, but a little nostalgic as well.