Gurbani : Sarabjeet Singh Rangila Durgwale (Delhi)

Gurbani – the word of the Guru – is kirti, or eulogy of the Creator. Kirti becomes kirtan when the singer harnesses music to sing the verses of the Guru Granth Sahib and other sacred writings. The Granth – the wellspring of Gurbani – is a compilation of verses taken from 36 masters, six of whom were Sikh. The rest came from various other traditions. Music was an important element in their expression of devotion. Promoting a new social order of equality, they set their verses to chosen ragas and rhythmic patterns. Born in August 1952, Raagi Sarabjeet Singh Rangila (Durgwale) received the teaching of the sacred kirtan from his father, Bhai Sukkha Singh Almast (Quetta, Balochistanwale). As a school boy in Bareilly, Bhai Sarabjeet Singh participated in gurbani, drama and dance contests at the annual function in the presence of the chief guest, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. So impressed was Panditji with the young boy’s multifarious talent that he said, “This is a boy of many colours (rang)… his name should be rangila.” And so, the name stuck for life! Bhai Sarabjeet Singh received further training from Prof Pratap Singh in Kashipur, Nainital district, and the latter’s guru Dilli Taan Samrat, Nasir Khan Sahib. He starts the evening with a shloka in Raag Kalyan, written by Guru Arjan Dev ji. This is followed by a shabad, also written by the fifth guru. The third composition is by Bhagat Ravi Das ji, one of 16 bhagats such as Kabir, Farid, Pipa and others, whose ‘bani’ is also enshrined in the Granth. The artiste concludes with the very popular ‘Sun sun jeevan teri baani…’, also by Guru Arjan Dev ji.
22 April 2011, Friday
Rigvedic Chanting : K.M. Vasudevan Namboothiri and N.M. Narayan (Kerala)
Tukaram : Bhuvanesh Komkali (Dewas)
Gorakhnath : Dera Khan Manganiar ( Rajasthan)
Gurbani : Sarabjeet Singh Rangila Durgwale (Delhi)
Siva Bhajans : Ashwini Bhide Deshpandey ( Mumbai)
23 April 2011, Saturday
Vedic Chanting : Panini Kanya Mahavidyalaya ( Varanasi)
24 April 2011, Sunday